About Glow Candles

Glow Candles offers glow lights to religious & associated community groups at a reduced cost enabling a wider use of safer glow lights in place of traditional candles.

Which Colour?

If looking for a similar colour to candles we recommend you choose yellow. Mixed colours can be used for carnival type occasions. We do supply white glow lights but after a short period they will have a pink/blue colour tinge and are not 'brilliant white'.

How to use glow lights

Glow lights should be kept within their packaging until the time they are needed. Once 'activated' the glow lights cannot be turned off - they will glow for a minimum of 8 hours. Glow lights cannot be re-used & should be disposed of in the normal refuse. Glow lights should be activated by adults - to do this take the glow light in 2 hands & exert pressure as you would to snap a pencil. Once you hear a 'snap' shake the glow light which will glow brightly. Do not re-bend or puncture the glow light

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